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We love cats! We love their inquisitive natures, athleticism, and unique behaviors. Unfortunately, cats do not always love to come to see us. We understand the stress that can be associated with a vet visit for your cat, and we try to reduce this stress on you and your pet in the following ways:

  • Our feline patients are greeted with a cat-specific waiting area that is separate from our more boisterous canine friends.
  • Feline specific rooms – to reduce anxiety associated with the sights and smells of dogs, our feline patients have their own designated room.
  • Short waiting time in the lobby – we make every attempt to move you and your cat into our exam rooms as quickly as possible.
  • You will often see us use a feline pheromone spray called Feliway in the room or on blankets that are used to snuggle our pet. This pheromone spray can help to calm cats and decrease anxiety.
  • A warm towel or blanket – not only do we spray the towel with Feliway, we also place it in a towel warmer to make it extra-inviting.
  • Gentle, low restraint handling –“less is more” is our motto when it comes to handling or restraining cats. We try to be as gentle and soothing as possible. Many of our cats will stay in the carrier with the lid removed for the entire exam.

Cats are truly adept at hiding their illnesses, so it is at least important (if not more) that we see them on a regular basis. Let us work with you to ensure your cat’s visit is as smooth, productive and stress-free as possible.

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